Drefan Swordarm


Drefan Swordarm is Khoravar with a muscular, buy smaller elven build than the human counterpart. His face has the more rounded features of his human half, but strikingly handsome. He has shoulder length black hair with deep purple highlights. He has deep sea green eyes like the loved waves of his forefathers. His left shoulder holds a lesser dragonmark of storm. On his right forearm, is tattooed a golden colored dragon in a circle with its wings flexed out behind it.


Drefan’s father Lwelan Swordarm, was a general in the Last War until he allegedly died when his airship “Lwelan’s Heart” went down in the Mournland two years ago. Lwelan left Drefan behind with his elven mother, Lilian, and step-sister, Anna. Half-elf himself, Drefan joined House Lyrander like his father. Though young, he has advanced rather quickly. He lives close by his mother and half-sister, but holds a place of his own, provided by House Lyrander, though too often, he is away on business.

Drefan aims to work toward the honor and prestige of House Lyrander. He does as the House requires, but within his own moral compass, usually finding alternate ways to accomplish the same result, from different means. He never betrays House Lyrander. He is honor bound, believing if someone saves a life, they are owed a life debt, but he accepts the traditions and honors of others so does not hold others to this belief, only himself. He is friendly and charming, preferring to talk out a conflict rather than fighting it out, though if it comes to it, he can competently handle himself. He is quick to trust, almost to a fault and very generous.

He shares his late father’s love of sailing, whether on sea or by air, and dreams of owning his own ship one day. Although his father wished it, Drefan does not hold a desire to defend Khorvair through military service.

Drefan Swordarm

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