Dawn of Blades

Session 4

On our return to Sharn, Lay and Drefan get closer, she especially since losing her mentor, Jackson. In a meeting with Alistair, we debrief him of everything that happened and he is not pleased at all. With everything before this job not going well, having a higher ranking Cannith member die during our mission will not go well for him. He believes that he will lose his position as captain. If the time comes, he asks Drefan to take the position in his stead.

Bad News In Sharn

Arriving in Sharn, we get word that the watch wants to meet with us again. Alistair says we need to see Cannith first. We go to an enormous Cannith tower. Within we forfeit our weapons and are taken up lifts to a higher floor. We are going to meet with the heads of Cannith. A warforged named Pierce tells an iron golem to back down as we approach our destination.

Inside, we find ourselves in a room with several officials and a man named Baron d’Marix, the head of House Cannith. We asks us to relate everything that has happened and we tell him what he needs to know. He reveals that Jackson was his cousin. Not a good sign for our affairs. He knew of the Wayfaring Project, the name of Jackson’s expeditions, and that they were dangerous.

He tells us a story about the first warforged created. The first one was their trial and went insane. The second became a great general in the last war. The third is a bodyguard for King Borinol of Breland. Baron d’Marix believes that the Lord of the Blades is the second warforged created because after the war, he disappeared with his platoon.

D’Marix asks us to agree to break our moral code and work with him to complete the artifact-we must betray Aundair to complete the task. Alistair agrees, seeing the opportunity to make better his bad situation. Severus agrees to follow the Captain. True waits to hear what Drefan says. Drefan stands and paces throughout d’Marix’s proposal and after a moment of Alistair agreeing speaks with a heavy heart. He reprimands Alistair for agreeing to such a monumental decision without consulting Lyrander, considering Stormhome, the home of Lyrander is in Aundair. Alistair agrees he was wrong and d’Marix agrees to give us a month to meet with our superiors and return with an answer.

While having a night before we leave, Drefan contacts his father’s best friend Leonus d’Lyrander in Stormhome through a magical sending and asks him to set up a meeting with the council and he tells him everything that has happened, including Alistair’s actions in the meeting. Leonus agrees he’ll have one when they return.

Severus and True do a little shopping before we depart for Stormhome.

Drefan returns with a heavy heart for reporting Alistair, his friend for many years aboard the Golden Dragon. He invests in a bottle of heavy spirits to drown his mood. Lay finds him in his cabin and keeps him company. She drinks a little too much and passes out on his bed. Drefan covers her and goes to the deck. Alistair finds him and they share a couple drinks. Alistair tells Drefan he knows he contacted Lyrander and that he feels Drefan did as he should have. Alistair accepts he was letting his defeats cloud his judgment.

The next day, we go to see the watch. We meet again with Captain Drale and he is concerned that the Lord of the Blades has not made another attempt and wishes to know if we had learned anything. Drefan tells him we know nothing more that would be of any help to him, though he can tell Drefan is holding something back.

On our return to Stormhome, Lae approaches Drefan and wishes to make their friendship a little more intimate. Drefan desires the company, but is in a poor state to do the moment justice and he has a great deal on his mind over the past events. Lae understands and changes into a more comfortable outfit. She stays with him anyway to keep him company.

Stormhome Lyrander Meeting

In Stormhome, Alistair and Drefan dress in their nicest and most professional wear and go to meet with the council. Leonus meets them and they share a moment before being called in with the council. Both Drefan and Alistair recount everything about the last month or so of happenings in as much detail as possible. Alistair is allowed to keep his Captaincy and Drefan asks what the council would have them do about Cannith’s proposal. After much debating, the council leaves the decision with us.

Returning to the ship, Alistair gives us the day to make preparations for the journey back to Sharn. Drefan tells True and Severus that they should come out with him later that night so he can show them how to party in Stormhome and they agree. Drefan asks Lay to come to dinner with him at his home with his mother and step sister. Lay is excited and agrees, then they all plan to go out on the town. Drefan and Lay meet Leonus for dinner at his mother’s house and enjoy wonderful tales over a great meal.



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