Dawn of Blades

Session 3

On the week flight back Lay and Drefan continue to talk and get to know one another better. We fly into Sharn and are met with armed guards to escort us to the town guard captain. Teleported in by Leonard Abunus, a city guardsman, and meet Captain Drale Maester. He wanted to see us about our encounter in the city with the warforged. Two members of the Blackened Book show up to investigate. Warforged could have been talking about the Lord of the Blades when they mentioned “their Lord”. Lord of the Blades lives in Cyre. They want to deputize the Golden Dragon for Khorvair, after a fashion.

Back in Sharn

We return to the ship to meet with our House Cannith members. Jackson holds a meeting soon after. They believe they found the next piece of the artifact. It is adamantine and in the shape of a crescent moon. We must set sail for Droam-split from Breland and run by the sisters of Sorakel-hags. We leave on the morrow.

We sail for a place called Stonejaw Keep-abandoned and held previously by an Ogre Mage. Harpies and gargoyles fly above the ramshackle city now aflush with any mash of barbaric creatures. A squatter town at best. Within the town is a large tower, our mark. We set down a little outside the town to keep from attracting the wrong attention. Jackson leads the march. We drink enhanced potions to make us look like goblinoids of sorts.

Stonejaw Keep

We pass a bar and a minotaur and troll fighting. Jackson gets a goblin to lead us to the tower. He are led to the Hall of the Seer. We meet a blind ogre named Grothis-a female and master of the keep and town. She sees through our little illusions and tells us to follow some stairs she reveals that will lead us to what we seek. We arrive at a large chamber with voices coming from behind a large curtain. The voice says, “Sisters, we have visitors.”

We pass the curtain to find several troll bodyguards and three hags sitting around a large cauldron. The hags identify themselves. Soratorza (blind) a dusk hag. Sorakotchra a green hag. Soramania an annis hag. Fog covers the ground at our feet. Hags ask for three tests for us to pass before they allow us to gain what we seek. One of ingenuity, having seen our deeds through their visions, they tell us we pass this test if we pass the others.

The second task is one of wits. We take some time and think of some type of question or riddle that the sisters must answer. If we stump them, they will consider it a success. Drefan approaches and speaks a riddle his father told him as a child.

“Within I’m black, without I’m blue. Looking upon, you’ll find no truth. Unceasing I march, though new miles I never see. Entreat yourself to my embrace, and the coldest of hearts you’ll face. What am I?”

The sisters fail to be able to answer and so he tells them, “The Ocean”. The final test is one of strength. For this one, our last, we are led to an arena with closed in ceiling and walls in a square. Hundreds of goblinoids and more populate stands above the arena, watching. The ground has a few stone platforms while the rest is covered in sand. From out of the sand erupts a huge purple worm. Lay and Jackson pull back on the far platform and fire upon the creature. Severus and Drefan take a more close quarter approach. True utilizes her artificer abilities to pack a punch with her crossbow bolts.

Jackson attracts the worm’s attention and is thrown through the air and lands very hard on the sand across the arena. Drefan becomes the next victim when the worm lifts him into the air and then swallows him. Inside, Drefan manages to slip inside his bag of holding. Within, he is able to heal himself. Outside, True, Lay and Severus double their efforts to get Drefan out in time. Drefan slips back outside the bag and uses a wand to internally dessimate the creature. With the help of the rest of the team, the beast soon falls and Severus and Lay help pull Drefan free from inside of it. True looks to Jackson, only to find that he has died from the impact and attack.

With heavy hearts, we heft Jackson and return to the hag sisters. They present us with the crescent disc we were looking for and we are allowed to leave. We no longer had our goblinoid disguises so we had everyone hide in our bags of holding while I hid beneath a hooded cloak and ran through the town. Soon, we are outside the town walls without incident and we return to the ship.



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