Dawn of Blades

Session 2

On our journey to Outerport, we are told that within the jungles are three types of lizardfolk:
  • Cold Sun Tribe – typical and deal some with humans (about the size of humans)
  • Poisondusk Tribe – more secretive (about the size of halflings)
  • Dark Talon Tribe – mysterious (larger than humans)

Outerport in Q’bbara

When we get to Q’bbara, we have to look for a guide to take us to Kah’shazul. True, Severus, Lay, Jackson, Drefan and the two guards from Thurshak. In the Bloody Market Square, we come across a goblin named Grocknack who knows the jungles pretty well and agrees to take us to the temple.

During our first day traveling in the jungle, we have a run in with some of the poisondusk lizardfolk as they try to ambush us. We manage to kill a couple before they disappear into the jungle again.

Toward the end of the day, Grocknack spots two large burrows in the sides of some small hills. A large behir, a very territorial creature with many legs and long, plated lizard-like body, bursts out of one of the holes and attacks. Severus moves in closely with the beast and just before meeting it, vanishes and then reappears after a long slash opens on the creature’s long neck. Grocknack circles the creature around the far side of one of the hills. Drefan runs up the side of the other hill and leaps off onto the behir. As he lands he plunges his rapier into its back and then rolls off the other side. True, Lay, and one of the Thurshak guards shoot the beast while maintaining Jackson is safe. Drefan quickly ends up in a pair of the creature’s many claws and as the beast retreats with a soon to be snack, Drefan and Severus are able to slay it.

We travel on for a while longer to put some distance between us and the behir’s lair before making camp for the night.

The next day, we find a game trail of sorts in a hill valley. Unfortunately, we again are set upon by a poisondusk ambush party and about as successful as the first. At about midday, we find a large river that forks and Grocknack tells us we will need to cross it here to continue on. We spot a huge grazing beast down river and suddenly the thing turns toward us and begins running. We also hear a great shuddering coming from the tree line. The group retreats to the tree line and watch as a great Sword Tooth Titan, a huge beast with powerful legs, seemingly upright with a large head and small arms, comes pounding after the grazing beast, but the Titan is too slow and loses it.

The Titan turns its attention on our group, so we flee into the woods, but it gives chase. Grocknack, Lay, Jackson, and his Thurshack guards flee deep into the forest. Drefan and Severus climb into some trees we know the beast will come by to find us. True takes point on the far side of where we are. Drefan twirls his hands and speaks softly and several orbs of light move near the tree he hides in. The Titan snaps at the lights but quickly loses interest. Severus takes a drought from a potion in his pack and then spews forth a gout of liquid fire upon the Titan. The beast reels in anger and pain and charges toward Severus. Drefan uses the opportunity to set a rope about his waist and throw the other end with a grappling hook to try to catch the Titan. The rope sets and Drefan ends up standing upon the creature’s back. The Titan snaps up Severus after another gout of fire. Drefan slashes into the beasts back a couple of times before it drops Severus. Refusing to back down, Drefan stays atop the beast. True lays down fire from her crossbow as the Titan turns to flee for easier prey. Drefan pulls free a wand from something on his wrist and aims it down at the creature’s back. A terrible swirl of black and red bores and burns into the Titan’s back. Another shot and the beast almost throws Drefan free. True lands an amazing shot in the creature’s throat as it turns its head quickly and the beast dips forward, throwing Drefan rolling across the ground for many feet. He returns to find True tending Severus, badly hurt from the Titan’s jaws, but alive. Drefan sits against a tree and does some hard thinking about the risks he has been taking with his life in the past couple weeks and seems a little somber and overwhelmed.

The next day, we reach Kah’shazul. Apparently, a mixture of lizardfolk whorship Rawshak, a black dragon-the lord of the volcano. The temple grounds have large stone hands of different creatures forming pagodas. Two of the hands are human, two are lizardfolk, two are black dragon, and the other two, we cannot identify. Searching the temple grounds, we find several plates of adamantine of different shapes. We bring them together in the central pagoda and silence surrounds us. We realize through some mental connection, that we must form the pieces into four exact squares, we cannot take pieces from one another, they must be given. In short order we finish and the four plates seal together. Each radiates an element. True-water; Drefan-air; Severus-fire; and Grocknack-earth. The four plates lift in the air and slam together to form the plate we were looking for. The silence ends.

As we turn to leave, we see a well dressed lizardman shoot an arrow at the nearest pagoda. The arrow had a note attached to it with only a symbol on it. A skull, and hands crossed with blades on the end. Looked made primitively and hastily. It looked like a warforged. We make haste to return to Outerport. We meet with Alistair and debrief him on the last few days’ events.



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