Dawn of Blades

Session 1


The Last War has ended 2 years prior with the signing of the Treaty of Thranehold, which recognized the legitimacy of the countries of Khorvair.Cyre was destroyed only 4 years ago. The year is now 998 YK.

The Golden Dragon

The crew:
  • Captain Alistair d’Lyrander: half-elf; good man with a string of bad luck
  • Mazzia d’Lyrander: half-elf: sister of Alistair; first mate; in love with Velgrim
  • Velgrim: half-orc; good man; rough; handy man
  • Mantin Dramgrin: dwarf; chief artificer; at odds with Torin
  • Torin Blackfingers: halfling; artificer
  • Jadin Covain: human; chef; very rough around the edges
  • Calibar Jenks: halfling; runs gambling den “House of Chants” in Sharn
  • Zan: elf; monk and spiritual guide upon ship
  • Drefan Swordarm: half-elf; second mate; swashbuckler/sorcerer
  • True: human; artificer studying under Jadin

Winds of Change

The Golden Dragon is celebrating its change from a battleship of the Last War into a luxury cruiser. House Cannith hires the Golden Dragon through House Lyrander for the collection of a certain artifact.

While stationed in Sharn: the City of Towers, Captain Alistair asks Drefan to go into the city and inquire about finding additional support for the upcoming job from House Cannith. Drefan left word with various adventurer hot spots about the city asking to meet on the following day.

Following up the next day, Drefan brings several potential adventurers, one more promising half-elf youth named Severous, back to the Golden Dragon to meet with Alistair.

Alistair gives a brief instruction of how the people coming aboard must conform to the desires of the Captain when in his employ. Recently, Alistair has been coming off as more rough because of a string of bad luck professionally. As Drefan expected, Severous was the only one who showed the drive to make it as part of the crew.

That night, there is a grand ball hosted by House Cannith to celebrate the change of the purpose of the Golden Dragon. It is a masked ball and the crew of the Golden Dragon wear matching attire, and choose a mask fitting them upon entering. Severous chooses to stand alone while the party is going on, perhaps finding his place in the mix. Even a few warforged attempt to make a pass at normalcy during the party.

Drefan finds a young half-elf sitting alone named Lay whom welcomes his company and passes over wine and dinner, before dancing a few songs. After this, a man gets on stage in the front of the room and welcomes everyone. He announces he is Jackson d’Cannith.

Jackson talks about the Golden Dragon and its change to luxury and also of the expedition being undertaken between House Cannith and House Lyrander to find an artifact that would provide light and food to the lower levels of Sharn.

Alistair and Mazzia take the stage as well and invite everyone to go outside and look at the Golden Dragon, docked across a sky bridge. Lay accompanies Drefan and tells him she is Lay d’Cannith and will be accompanying him on the expedition. Taken a little by surprise, Drefan seems to slow his advancing passes at the beautiful woman.

Outside, as Jackson, Alistair, and Mazzia take the main deck of the ship, the rest of the guests of the party stand on the bridge and deck surrounding the docked ship and listen to Jackson speak. Within moments, three warforged, noticeably the same ones from the party, descend on the guests upon crystaline discs and calling the expedition for the artifact against the wishes of their Lord and will be prevented at all costs.

Drefan harnesses his dragonmark of storm to knock one of the forged from his perch on the disc and into the city below. The warforged wizard nearby him curses Drefan and begins to go after the fallen comrade. Drefan hops aboard the loose disc and moves to engage the wizard. Severous awaits the warforged on the other side of the bridge to close in before he moves against them.

Jackson and Alistair arm themselves and prepare for battle. The warforged wizard devastates the remaining guests upon the bridge who could not get inside in time with a fireball, killing many present and seriously wounding Severous. The warforged on the other side of the bridge moves to close in with Jackson and they exchange blows.

Drefan cloaks himself in a shield spell and flies after the wizard, who turns to confront the threat. Drefan strikes the warforged down within a few blows and as the remaining warforged attacker sees this, heads off, though promising to return in greater number and strength. Drefan returns with the disabled warforged and one of the flying discs to the Golden Dragon.

By the end of the night, the city guard shows and we relate the happenings of the evening to them. Drefan is disheartened to learn the warforged he pushed into the city killed a passerby, so he holds the guard to giving the family a fair amount of coin and an apology from him for his carelessness. Severous relates his account as well.

The next day, Jackson and Laa d’Cannith arrive at the Golden Dragon with two half-orc bodyguards from House Thurshak for Jackson. Jackson announces a meeting to take place with the crew and his personnel.

In the meeting he discusses the specifics of the upcoming mission. The Golden Dragon will sail to Q’bbara to Outerport where they will then travel into the Q’bbaran jungles looking for a temple Kah’shazul, rumored to be a worship place for a black dragon by clans of lizardfolk. Our goal is to find a 6-pointed adamantine item of some kind, relatively small. The journey to Outerport will take about a week and those hired by House Cannith will be paid 75gp/week.



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